What I learned from the Fate Core fantasy game last night

So, I ran a session of Fate Core last night set in a high fantasy world.  It was the first time I have ran Fate in almost a year and the first time with the new Fate Core tweaks to the game.

So we got together and made characters and then ran a short scenario to check out how battle worked with the new system.

Things I learned:

I am a bit rusty on the rules, and made a few mistakes.

Also was the first time I have ran a game on hangout plus, so I hope I did not mess that up. :) Although I am aware that I do curse from time to time. 

Magic, although not really more powerful takes center stage due to the narrative flexibility. This isn’t really something new, but it was shown quite a bit last night. This is something I am still trying to figure out in our own game, but that is how it went down last night.

I got corrected today by Fred Hicks on something I did rarely. I was taught by the person that got me into Fate that you could compel someone to basically lose their turn. We had a discussion about it last night and it made me wonder about it afterwards. Fred said today that you should not do that. Ok, then….when Fred talks, I listen. It isn’t something I do very often, but one of the gamers was upset (not like angry, but he just did not like it) that it happened. That is fine…we all continue to learn and I will not be doing that again.

The battle went pretty smoothly and boosts really make the capability of someone getting hurt really badly, really quickly. It is still an amazing thing to actually see.

Character creation took a bit longer, but that was due to having someone play that has not played the game before. This tends to happen and is just part of the process.

As for our game. It was nice to just see a fantasy setting in action. I am running this as basically an ongoing playtest, and it went well for the most part. It has a long way to go but it was nice to see how the magic worked and it is continuing learning process.

We did have a good time, which is the point. Check out the video below.


  1. You *can* compel somebody to lose your turn, but that's just a sucky experience for the player. I get to sit around and wait a whole extra round before I get to do anything, or I lose a fate point. Any compel that means a player does less is really working against their fun. My personal rule is that compels should be used to make players do *more*, not less.

  2. I cannot disagree. It was a mistake on my part and not something I do very often. You live you learn.