Gaming day!

complicated.Now, I don't know how much of this has to do with the fact that I  mostly play indie games that don't get too complicated with character creation.

Now, I am not saying I did not enjoy it, but it was confusing at first...just trying to get how it worked.

I ended up making a roden thief since everyone else was making magical players or orcs. 

So, who know how they will turn out but I am sure it will end fun.

Game 2. Mouse Guard.
I love this game. I love playing heroic mice in a world full of creature that can kill them so easily. I find the mechanics very interesting and how you have to fail rolls to eventually level them up. It adds something to the story when you have intentionally to eventually increase that stat. 

In the game we were still trying to help a village rebuild and determine how it was destroyed in the first place. A few highlights.

Getting our ass kicked repeatedly by a raccoon, having the town turn against us due to their being mice being a part of a an evil cult of the serpent, trying to find, going out and finding 4 separate mice left to be sacrificed (we only saved 1 of them..it was that kind of day). 

We did not really do to well overall, but all of this led up to one of our own, sacrificing himself so we could escape the raccoon. It was a pretty damn awesome moment.

After that we raised an army, beat the raccoon and all was saved,..er mostly.

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