Playing Fate by hangout on G+

So, sunday I came across someone wanting to play a mashup of Diaspora and Bulldog's on Google+. I was so there, since I have been reading both of these and wanted to play them. So, Ben Mckee started a hangout and a few others of us joined in what hoped to be an inter-galactic quest of awesome.

Now for those of you that do not know, Diaspora is an awesome game made by the very cool Brad Murray and it deals with what a lot of people would call "hard" sci-fi. Bulldog's on the other hand, feels a lot like Firefly (from what people have told me and what little I have read of the pdf).

It was my first time playing by hangout and it actually worked really well. There were two instances where one of the players dropped out due to a bad connection. But that is what the bastard gets for gaming from Costa Rica! I am really interested in seeing what can be done with tabletop forge in the future, but I am hoping to do more gaming by hangout soon.

The rules were probably more towards Diaspora, but the feel of the game was all Bulldogs. Which I have no problem with, since I love that type of game. I got to play Jayne (yes, Jayne from firefly). I had Vera and a few aspects that I really liked.

Hero of Canton
Anger issues
My cut is 10% off the top.

It was a very straight forward plot since we were doing a one-shot and had time constraints. I immediately compelled myself at the beginning of the game cuz some punk kids were trying to steal from us. I ended up chasing after them screaming like a madman.

Best moment? Bringing down a flying personal carrier with one shot. Also killed a few minions as well. Good times.

Overall, had a great time. Love all things fate and hope to play again soon.

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