My Dresden Files character

So, this is my Dresden Files Rpg character. The people I am playing with are using power level, feet in the water. Still may tweek it a bit. :)

Name: Ransom Winter                  Age: 25
Template: Focused Practitioner

High Aspect: Bounty hunting practitioner
Trouble:  In debt to the Winter Court

Phase 1. Background
Ransom grew up in the foster system in New York City. After numerous beatings (and nearly dying) from different foster parents, he took to the streets to make his own path. The lesson learned here was that he could only trust himself and his instincts.
Aspect: Acting on Instincts

Phase 2. Rising Conflict
Ransom found two loves simultaneously. Lydia (daughter of the Three Rivers casino owner) and craps. He loved craps, and was actually very good at it, but as with most games of chance, his luck could change quickly. His love for Lydia was met with some resistance by her father whom threatened him to stay away from his daughter. Also, his growing debt to numerous “money lending” operations (some even tied to the Winter Court) made for a dangerous time in his life.

Things came to a head as one night as Ransom and Lydia were walking down the street and were attacked by a bunch of thugs. Ransom fought them off, but it was too late to save Lydia. Ransom vowed to find those responsible.
Aspect: Lydia will be avenged!

Phase 3. The story A run in with a vampire…or three.
Desperately needing money, ransom turned to bounty hunting. His first mark seemed innocent enough to start, but ended up in a battle to the death with two black court Vampires! Now there is a price on his head.
Aspect: Weirdness magnet

Great +4 Conviction
Good +3 Contacts, Lore
Fair +2 Athletics, Investigation, Rapport
Average +1 Discipline, Endurance, Guns, Presence

-2 Channeling (spirit)
·         Necklace, two pair dice +1 discipline
-2 Ritual (scyring)
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze
-0 Wizard constitution
1 focus item slot left

Physical (Endurance) 000
Mental (Conviction) 0000
Social (Presence) 000

1 extra mental consequence

Focus Items
Dice Necklace (+1 offensive control, spirit) A necklace in the shape of two dice (lucky 7), which allows
Ransom to focus on his offensive spells.
Athame (+1 defensive power, spirit) An Athame with a dragon hilt which allows more power to poured into defensive spells.

Kinetic Blast (spirit attack, 4 shifts) Blasts an opponent with kinetic energy. Weapon 4.
Hide (Spirit block, 3 shifts) Ransom and one or two additional people standing with him. Seeing through the veil requires a roll against a difficulty of Good (+3) unless he expends a shift into persistence.

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