Fate Points starts tonight....

So, another person and I decided to start a bi-weekly hangout via Google Plus. The hangout will devoted to the Fate system and our goal is to discuss ideas/setting/rules about the system in a hopefully interesting way.

Our first episode is tonight at 9 PM (EST=5).

Since Fate Core came out recently, there is still quite a buzz about the system. So, if you are a fan of Fate, you have to be excited about what is going on. Most people are already playing the game. Or hacking the games to their own personal tastes.

Which is great, since that was part of the purpose of Fate Core.

Or you can be running games on the like 15 or so settings that came with the kickstarter reaching its goals. Anything from witches to pulp mysteries. From Athurian robots to being a firefighter. There is enough going on in those settings to really make the Fate fan happy.

Another one of our goals is to hopefully get some of the people in the industry on the show. People that have created fate settings or a game of some kind. We are happy that this week we will be having Rob Wieland on the show.

In case you are not sure whom that is, he crated the Camelot Trigger setting for the Fate Core kickstarter. This took the legend of King Arthur and brought it into a sci-fi setting with giant Robots. The buzz on this particular setting was and has been pretty high.

So, as mention before, or first episode is tonight. We hope there are people willing to listen to us ramble on about the system, and talk to Rob about the setting he crated.

I hope you decide to watch. :)

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