Getting back into Fate

Hello all.

Yes, it has been a while. Damn, almost 3 months to be exact. You know, sometimes you get in a dark place. A place where you just don't really want to do much. It isn't an excuse, but it happens. I was there for a few months. I did not want to do much of anything, and that included any kind of roleplaying.

Well, that stupid (and mostly selfish) period is over and I am ready to get back into things again. This includes gaming and moving forward with the creation of our own Fate game.

So I am ready to get back into gaming soon. I can think a user on Google+, who motivated me today by posting a Fate tutorial on the site today. It is a very helpful thing for those that love the Fate system (and also to those that do not know anything about it).

So, those of you that follow this blog. I am just wondering what kind of gaming have you been up too? Playing Fate? Any other exciting games?

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