DFRPG game I am running...

So, today I started a Dresden Files game via on Google+ via hangout.

Well, we got together to introduce ourselves and to figure out what kind of game we want to actually create and then play. In case you don’t know you actually create the city before you make characters for the game.

So, we also had to figure out what power level to play in the game and get an idea as to what type of characters they wanted to play as well.

So, after introductions were out of the way, discussion started about power level. Now, all I have ran prior was the submerged level (which is the most powerful and most dangerous level of the game), and they wanted a little wiggle room, so we chose Chest Deep (8 refresh and 30 skill points).

Next came the city. One of the issues is that one of the players lives in Britain, and may have felt a bit disconnected from this considering the rest of us are from the United States. But after talking about it, it was narrowed down to New Orleans, and Orlando. We got the impression that NO has been done quite a bit and there is a lot in Orlando that people were interested in.

Just a few of those things regarding locations:
Walt Disney World
The Everglades
The Fountain of Youth
Universal Studios (Harry Potter)
Indian Casinos
Military presence in area
Islands of the coast
Sea World

There were more as well, but this is to give you a taste.

Character wise, they are not sure as of yet. The 8 refresh does give them a chance to be magic users if they wish, but they are still looking into that as we research Orlando. Probably not going to be a roaming band of wizards fighting justice.

Coolest idea? Walt Disney as a clued in mortal and member of the Unseelie Accords.  Disney itself is an Illuminati organization...

Oh and George Lucas may make in the game, if only they can find a way to either kill him or at least make him pay for the last trilogy. I agree whole heartedly.

More on this as we go forth, but with the holidays it will be slow going. 


  1. You might want to look into the history of Orlando, too. A lot of the families who owned the land prior to 1971 bear a significant grudge against Disney for "cheating" them. (Roughly 90% of the land for WDW was purchased through shell companies, because Walt knew that the owners would jack up the prices if they knew who was buying. Indeed, after a journalist broke the story, the last 10% of the land cost as much as the first 90%.)

    Before it became the premier theme park destination, the big industry in Orlando was cattle ranching. There are still a lot of ranches in the area.

    You should definitely read up on Seminole traditions.

    No mention of the skunk ape?

  2. I did find a few families that were prominent homesteads back in the day. Was going to play that up somehow and that could definitely be a way to do it.

    Have already started looking at some of the tribes.

    Skunk ape?