My review of World Building Tips by Deborah Teramis Christian

My review of World Building Tips by +Deborah Teramis Christian 

This came out of nowhere. I have been struggling for a few weeks as to how to start creating an entire world from scratch for the Kushara’s Fate game we are making. I still love the idea, but just figuring out where to start has been a serious problem.

So, then Deborah posted a link to this book a few days ago. A five dollar expense via amazon was not so taxing so I bought and dug into it. I was excited as the timing of this was amazing due to what I mentioned earlier.

Holy hell, it was awesome.

Now here it the thing about this type of book. They are only tips as you can use them or not. But what is great about it is that it points out things that have been roaming around the back of my mind and brought them to the forefront. That isn’t to say that there aren’t original thoughts in the book, because there are a plenty. My point is that sometimes someone can remind you of something that you know of and it just clicks.

For example. She goes on quite a bit talking about how rivers in a world are very important as the cities along the rivers tend to be places of commerce. This is something I have always kind of known, but not really thought about, but when reading this….BAM! It makes so much sense and really gives me thoughts about the world we are making. It was such a simple thing (in my mind) and she did an amazing job of going into detail just what this means.

This is where the book shines. Deborah talks about things from rivers and how they affect the creation of your world, oceans and capital cities, mountains and rain, the moon, volcanos, fauna and wildlife, guilds, illness and disease, herbalism in the world, currency and/or bartering.

There is so much win here I can barely contain how happy I am to have read this. If nothing else, it has done an amazing job of helping me organize my thoughts and give me ideas.

So, if you are someone that is making a game/novel that entails a lot of details about the world itself, I highly recommend this book.

Get it NOW!

You can also go to their website, where you can sign up for more tips and find out more information about world building. http://world-building.com/

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