Google+ and how it has already changed my life.

Social networking is a tricky thing.  One of things that always pulled me into gaming is that it a social event.  Yes, people have made fun of gamers for years, but the bottom line is you had to leave you house and go see other people to play.   Sure, there are still a few people out there that fit the stereotype of being socially awkward and all that, but social networking has probably helped those people communicate better with the rest of us. 

Just about everyone is on Facebook, and has been for a while.  I know I have been on it for a good time and there are people out there that the only time I hear from them is when we communicate with each other that way.  Saying that I have never been a fan of it and its views on security.  I am not going to go into that since everyone else already has at some point.  Let’s just say that given the opportunity, I would probably use another site if possible.

What a great segue way to Google+

I haven’t been on G+ for that long.  At first you hear about people and how they are so happy about getting their invitees to try it out.  It kind of makes you feel like you are the only one that hasn’t been picked to be in the baseball game that you played so often as a kid.  You really want to play, but you can’t because no one will choose you. 

Then I got my invite, to try it out and all was right in the universe.  I know that is silly, but if we are honest with each other…we like being chosen to be a part of something.  That can be good and bad depending on how much your life depends on this, but it is a fact of life none the less.

I had not read that much about it as of yet, so, I went into this not really expecting much.  I was immediately blown away by the simplicity of the circles.  Not exactly a mind blowing idea, but one that handled well allows you to get information to people that actually want to hear it.  Instead of everyone.  You know what I mean.  Say you are a movie buff, but you have friends that just don’t care to hear it.  You create a circle called movie buffs and ask people if they want to be involved in it.  Or for me, I am a gamer, so I have a group called rpg people, which is just growing by the day.  But when I want to talk about gaming, I only send it to them. 

Facebook never really handled this well, if you ask me.  Which is why I don’t have different groups on there, but all of my stuff gets sent to everyone.  Even those that don’t give a damn about my writing, gaming, or geekery I am into. 

I now have circles for.  My friends, newbies, acquaintances, rpg people, indie games, Dresden Files rpg, readers, people I follow, authors, and game design. 

I have already met, and had conversations with some very awesome people.  G+ is a networker’s wet dream.  Especially as a gamer and a designer.  I want to meet people and hear their own gaming and designing stories.  You can learn so much from other people’s experiences if you are just willing to shut up and listen.   G+ is so easy to do, and when you have people that are actually willing to talk about things you both love…it is an amazing thing.  A bit addictive, but amazing none the less. 

Then you have the free hangout feature that allows people to chat via webcam.  Kind of cool, especially since so many people are already using it to game.  I have not done that yet, but I get the feeling I will at some point.  Especially with good friends of ours that live in Pittsburgh. 

But it goes beyond that, into something I not sure I can explain well.  A sense of community is already starting there.  Do I know most of these people very well?  No.  But I want to, and that to me is an amazing thing to behold.  It isn’t that I am an a anti-social person, but it is amazing how just a last week I was content (reluctantly) with Facebook, and now I have been introduced to over 75 new people.  That has been without even trying.  I am sure that number is going to go up as I continue reading all of the posts from other people that are in their circles. 

For some reason, this blows my mind…but in a good way.  

Now I do hope they pull their heads out of the asses about the pseudonym thing.  I get why a lot of people don’t want to give their first and last names. Those people should not be punished for wanting the anonymity.  From what I hear, they are backing off a bit, but actions speak louder than words.

But overall, it has been a rousing success.  I have enjoyed meeting people that share my interests.  I have enjoyed having conversations that were not possible two weeks ago.  This has been pure win thus far, and I can only hope they will continue making changes to it…to make it better.  Will it kill Facebook?  Probably not, but I would not mind to see fb go down the way myspace did.  :)

Oh, and I created a poll that I would like people that game to answer.  :)


  1. It's always interesting to hear and see how different technologies relate and fit into other people's lives. I think its important that the addition of Google+ reminds us that not everyone uses these social networks the same way and that having options is a good thing indeed.

  2. I agree with that. There are those that love Facebook and have interest in coming over to G+. There is nothing wrong with that and god love em. To each there own. This has been an amazing thing to me cuz it hit something that I care about. Gaming and design. Because of those two things, it has been nothing but a huge success.