Locations for Our NYC Dresden Files Game

So, here is a list of the locations for our Dresden Files RPG.  I am still trying to fine tune this, since the last we played this was a year ago.  But it gives me time to make changes if I needed too.  The one thing I noticed is that too much of the game takes place in Manhattan.  If you don't know NYC, there are four other boroughs:
  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
To put this in perspective, I have lived in Queens for the eight years I have lived here.  But my point is that maybe I need to either get rid of a few locations, or add a couple in the other boroughs.  Well, except Staten Island, I don’t even want to go there even in a game.  This is still being worked on.  I plan on changing some of the mortal faces (NPC’s) a bit, since they all seem to do the same things.  

Name: Bryant Park
Description: Park located in Midtown.  NewYork Public Library is a safe place for people to congregate.           
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea:  Bryan Par is home of the New York Public Library, which is neutral ground.
Aspect: Neutral Ground
The Face/Concept: Alfred Rassan-Janitor/caretaker of the library.

Name: Central Park
Description: Large park in the center of Manhattan.  Historically known for how dangerous it is.
Theme or Threat: Threat
The Idea: The park has always been dangerous, but now there is a werewolf turf war.
Aspect: Bump in the night
The Face/Concept: George Alvarez-Werewolf Curator.  Cutter-Lycanthrope gang leader

Name: Chinatown
Description: Chinese neighborhood in lower Manhattan.
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: You can get whatever you need.  Regardless of how immoral it is.
Aspect: Den of Inequity, Feels like a war zone.
The Face/Concept: Three Oaths Chow-Ghoul leader of the 14K Triad

Name: Club Element
Description: High end club on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: A club known for its guilty pleasures.  
Aspect: Anything goes
The Face/Concept: Miranda Raith-White Court Vampire that owns the club.

Name: Financial District
Description: Home of Wall Street and a lot of money.
Theme or Threat: Threat
The Idea: With the Red Court gone, the other factions of the city are moving in.
Aspect: The Dragons Den, Money is power
The Face/Concept: Victor Chan, Joyce Lo, and Raymond Wu-Leaders of Hong Kong Triad in NYC.

Name: New York Presbyterian Hospital
Description: One of the largest hospitals in the city.
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: A hospital is a place of healing, but sometimes that healing comes at a price.
Aspect: Make it better for a price.
The Face/Concept: Christian St. Clair-Summer Court plastic surgeon.  Jesus Hernandez-Ambulance driver.

Name: Theatre District
Description: On and off Broadway, located off of Time Square.
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: Most of the district is run and owned by the White Court House Raith.
Aspect: Weirdness magnet
The Face/Concept: Christian Descartes-high ranking noble of House Descartes.

Name: The Islands
Description: Ellis Island, Governor’s Island, Randall’s Island, Roosevelt Island, and The Statue Of Liberty
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: The Islands are primarily controlled by the White Council.
Aspect: Safe Haven in the Dark, There’s more to the Islands than meets the eye.
The Face/Concept: Kingsley Moore-White Council Warden guarding the Statue of Liberty.  Mitsuko Yoshimo-White Council Warden trainer.  

Name: The Underground
Description: Beneath the city is a whole other world.
Theme or Threat: Theme
The Idea: Home of the Bizarre Bazaar.  Where you can get almost anything for a price.  
Aspect: All sales are final, Caveat Emptor
The Face/Concept: Fauzi Dae-vendor at the BB.  Noel-Black court Vampire.


  1. I've ran a few games set in modern, real cities, and I just don't think I do it well. I get too caught up in specifics of an actual city, trying to portray them in the game. I just need to learn to let go of specifics, and set the tone, instead.

  2. the key is finding a balance. the nice thing about modern cities is they have a lot of history and folklore. Let the history help set the tone.