Our Dresden Files Rpg game: New York City

So, last year my friends and I decided to start our own campaign of the Dresden Files Rpg.  This is a game based on the Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher.   I refuse to get into an argument about how good these books are, cuz I happen to love them.  So deal with it!  J  Our group was lucky enough to get to playtest this game for Evil Hat and that was one of my most enjoyable experiences as a gamer.  Getting to help shape a game, especially with how much of a Dresden fanatic I am.
We actually did play a session, and then life kind of got complicated for me.  Well, it still is every complicated, but I want to get the game going again, and I have started working on it as well. 
We already did all of the city creation, character creation, and all that.  I am just fine tuning it, and possibly adding a few things I think the city needs.  Oh, the city we chose for the game is New York City (which is where we live). 
I will be talking about different parts of my game on here, but if you want a sneak peak at it, you can go to http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/the-dresden-file-new-york-city There you can check out the wiki (still under construction) to see locations that are important to the game, along with case files for the factions in the city.   You can also check out the characters/npc’s of the game as well.
But for now, I am interested if anyone else has played the game.   What are the cooler locations/characters you have created?


  1. NYC must have been so hard to do. Not so much in coming up with good ideas, but in trying to narrow the field. So many areas, so much history, heck so much mythology. Culture clash, class warfare, some massive mortal power structures (Wall Street, Madison Ave, UN, etc.). I would think that you could take any one of the boroughs and still have too much to easily work into a campaign.

  2. The problem with NYC, is there is almost too much. Too many places, too much lore, too much everything. Was hard to find a balance for all of that.