Good afternoon all.

I deciced to move my blog over from Livejournal to here, due to the fact that it seems like no one uses LJ anymore.  Also, just to get a fresh start in hopes to meeting new people out there that are as into gaming as I am.  .

What I will be doing.  Well, I want to get back into game design with my friend Henry.  I also am going to be talking about what games I am playing on here, which includes my planning for The Dresden Files Rpg I am running with friends of mine.  That game will not be starting until maybe next month, but I have done a lot of work on it lately. 

I also plan on talking about video games rpg's and how they have impacted my own playing and game design.

So, this is just a little hello to you out there.  :)


  1. *waves* Hey, Stacey, this is samldanach from LJ. Glad to see you over here.

  2. Never knew your name was marshall. :)