Looking at a few games...

So, I am taking a break from thinking about game design this weekend to look at a few games.  I have the pdf versions of Hollowpoint, and Diaspora.  These are games by Vsca Publishing, and two of the games I am really excited to get to know.

Just a few words on what they are, and I will review them later when I am done.

Hollowpoint is a game where you are a bad ass, literally.  You are an agent, and you have missions.  Think James Bond, or maybe the A-Team.  It is not a fluff game and deals with violence and death, so because of that it may not be fore everyone.  That is fine, it seems like a nice break and it is a pick up game.  Good pickup games are always a great thing to find.  So bring it on!

Diaspora is a Fate based sci-fi game.  Taking place in SPACE and dealing with a bit of a hard sci-fi approach, you create the galaxies and then on to having your ass handed to you.  You know, cut it is fate.  I am interested in this to see the Fate system in from a different point of view.  I love Evil Hats games, so this should be exciting to read and see what Vsca did with the system.

I am really enjoying reading what I have so far, but will have a review of the games when I am done with them.

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