A name change...

So, after thinking about it for a month, I decided to change the name of my blog.  It was Stacey's Rpg World, which I could not stand.  I don't really know why.  For whatever reason, I did not want my name in the blog.  Some people have told me that you should have your name in it, so you can gain familiarity with those in the industry.  

Why does it matter?
In the long run, it probably won't.  The only person it will matter to is me.  Also, I just like the way it sounds.  I love the Fate system, and definitely want to talk about that, and the fact that I will eventually make a game using the system.  So it is a comfort thing if nothing else.  It makes me happy, so get over it.  :)

How did it happen?
Well, I was talking about it on Google+, and I started asking what people thought.  Well, people started giving me some suggestions.  Some serious, others silly. :)  What else can you expect from people?  Here is a list of them:
Stacey's Fate, Stace-o's The Hand of Fate, Fate's Chancellor, The Chancellor's Office, A simple twist of Fate, Fudging the dice of Fate, Just Fudge it, Fate Plus, Fateful companion, A Fistful of Fate, Fate and a dash of salt, This is your Fate, Fate of Darkness, Fatethulhu, and my personal favorite Chronicles of Fate.

I did a poll on G+, and a few other places, and Chronicles of Fate one.  Here is an important lesson, boys and girls.  Always check to see if the domain name you like IS free, otherwise you just wasted your time.  So, I changed it The Fate Archives instead.  Which is still awesome.  

Will anything change?
Not really. I am still going to talk about games I play.  I am still going to review the books and the actual play.  I am still going to talk about the game we are making.  I will definitely talk more about the Fate system as a whole, but I was probably going to do that anyways.  Now, my blog just has a constant link with it.

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